How to become a god in bed: make her sexually addicted

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Meet 'CEP' - combined explosion protocol

 the method that will make her sexually addicted to YOU.


If you feel frustrated by constantly wanting sex more than your partner does, tired of initiating every time, and disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm from your partner, these next lines are for you... 

That feeling when she says "she's too tired"...
The frustration of always being the one to initiate...
The letdown of trying to spice things up but failing...
The longing for her to crave you as much as you crave her...
The struggle of trying different solutions that never seem to work...

Sometimes, it's just difficult to be a man.


It's OK

As men, we often face the frustration of desiring sex more frequently than our partners, leading to feelings of disconnect and dissatisfaction. You've tried many 'special methods' that you found on the internet but it just didn't work, or at least not as you expected. And IT'S OK. Every woman responds differently.

But... here's the best part:

there are biological triggers present in every woman that she has no control over.

We understand this struggle and have developed a powerful and intense solution to address it. Through extensive research and expert collaboration, our method delivers the ability to make her beg for more, becoming sexually addicted to you and turning her into an unstoppable squirting machine. and the method is - 'CEP' - combined explosion protocol.


The CEP method is like a button, just do what the protocol says, and you will see results within hours. Will you click the button?



If so, congratulations. You are already one step closer to stop chasing her.

So, what the 'CEP' method is all about?

*'CEP' - combined explosion protocol

The method combines a unique blend of psychological, physical, and neurological elements into one powerful combination to make your partner experience significantly intensified orgasms. This heightened experience results in the release of significantly more dopamine and other hormones, leading to a sexual addiction to you.

The motto of the method is to transform her into an unstoppable orgasm machine. Through a lethal combination of scientifically proven techniques and factors, we aim for the extreme. By leveraging biological principles, this method ensures your partner becomes intensely and unavoidably addicted to your touch. 




*Before that, please note: If you don't find valuable insights and techniques on any of the topics listed below / If the course does not meet your expectations, you will receive a full refund.


  • Turning Her into a Sexual Enthusiast: The frustration of hearing excuses like being too tired can be overwhelming, we know that feeling. Discover how to make her crave sex even more than you do. Imagine her thinking about you sexually all day, surprising you with dirty thoughts, and begging to feel you close.

  • Mastering Spontaneous, Intense Passion: It can be exhausting to always be the one initiating intimacy... Learn the secrets to spark her desire so she initiates wild, spontaneous moments of passion. Picture her eager to fulfill your fantasies and take the lead in your intimate moments.

  • Open Her Mind: You've probably experienced moments where your partner seems uninterested in trying new things, making the relationship feel limiting.. Learn techniques to open her mind and make her eager to explore new sexual experiences with you. Envision her excited to try new things and build unforgettable sexual memories together.

  • Turning Her into an Unstoppable Orgasm Machine: Struggling to help her achieve intense pleasure can be discouraging. Learn how to make her experience multiple, mind-blowing orgasms every time. She will become insatiable and constantly yearning for more pleasure.



So, If You...

  • Are ready to invest 3-6 hours in learning content that will transform your sex life forever.
  • Don’t want to settle for a dry sex life and want to avoid reaching 70 without having fulfilling sex.
  • Want to be the one desired instead of always pursuing.
  • Want to give your partner mind-blowing, unstoppable orgasms and squirting.




Understanding how addiction works and setting our goals:

1. What Really Makes Her Explode from Orgasms

This part will unveil the secrets to making her experience mind-blowing, explosive orgasms that will leave her craving more.

2. The Power of the CEP Method

This part will showcase the full power of the CEP method, explaining the strength of each trigger in the combination and how, together, they turn into an unstoppable orgasm machine.

3. Command and Conquer

This part will show you how to assert your desires with unshakable confidence, making her eager to fulfill your every need.

Learn the small tricks that make a huge difference, based on science (dangerous to know):

1. Magnetic Words of Desire

This part will teach you how to use powerful, seductive language to make her obsess over your every word.

2. How to Drive Her Crazy with 8 Words

This part will reveal the eight magical words that will drive her insane with desire, turning every encounter into a wild adventure.

3. Unlock Her Wildest Dreams

Think your partner doesn’t have sexual fantasies? You might be right. But from now on, she’ll be fantasizing about you 24/7. This part will show you how to make her mind constantly fantasize about you.

Turn good orgasms into shaking orgasms:

1. 1 Combination, 470% More Dopamine

This part will reveal a potent combination (The CEP) that skyrockets dopamine levels by 470%, driving her wild with pleasure and addiction.

2. Pleasure Points Mastery

This part will teach you the ultimate techniques to discover and stimulate her most sensitive pleasure points, ensuring intense satisfaction and multiple orgasms.

3. The 6 Spots Touch to Make Her Squirt in 60 Seconds

Did you know that 75% of women say they can reach climax by stimulating spots other than the vagina? This part will show you the precise techniques to touch six specific spots, making her squirt in just 60 seconds and delivering extreme excitement.

Unlock the psychological triggers that make her crave you incessantly:

1. Psychological Button #1: Emotional Enchantment

This part will teach you powerful techniques to create deep emotional bonds, making her addicted to your presence and deeply connected to you.

So she will feel that 'i need you, right now' feeling.

2. Psychological Button #2: Forbidden Tease

This part will show you how to master the art of anticipation and teasing, building intense arousal and making her crave every moment with you, what will lead to more sex, and much stronger orgasms.

3. Psychological Button #3: The Dick Sucker

This part will help you cultivate an enigmatic confidence and dominance, transforming you into the man she can’t resist and ensuring she’s always eager for more.

4. Psychological Button #4: Addicted Roller Coaster

This part will unlock the secrets of the seduction mindset, creating an irresistible allure that keeps her on an emotional high and constantly desiring you.

Learn how to combine everything into one simple combination (the CEP method) to make her explode at the most extreme level.

1. Button 1: Deep Charge

This part will teach you the "Deep Charge" technique to provide powerful G-spot stimulation, leading to intense pleasure and explosive orgasms.

2. Button 2: Echo Moan

This part will show you how to create resonating waves of pleasure with the "Echo Moan" technique, making her crave more and enhancing her sexual addiction.

3. Button 3: Harmonic Pulse

This part will teach you the "Harmonic Pulse" technique to deliver rhythmic clitoral stimulation, ensuring she reaches new heights of ecstasy.

4. Button 4: Twilight Dive

This part will show you how to use the "Twilight Dive" technique for deep, sensual penetration that leaves her begging for more and creates unforgettable experiences.

Learn how to combine everything into an unstoppable squirting machine (easy and without effort).

1. Combining the Elements: Unleash the Explosion

This part will teach you how to combine all techniques learned into one seamless, explosive method that guarantees unstoppable orgasms.

2. Synchronizing Triggers

Learn the art of synchronizing various triggers to create a powerful, unified experience that drives her wild.

3. Creating a Continuous Feedback Loop

This part will show you how to maintain a continuous cycle of pleasure and desire, ensuring she’s always craving more.

4. Becoming the Ultimate Lover

Finalize your transformation into the ultimate lover, mastering the combined explosion protocol to keep her addicted and satisfied.


21 pages, non-edited document of medical research on the women's sex addiction.

A practical checklist that will help you apply everything you've learned.

Whether you are just beginning your journey in enhancing intimate experiences or looking to refine sophisticated techniques, this case study offers valuable insights that can significantly elevate your expertise.

This easy-to-follow guide delivers immediate results. Each time you apply these five steps, you'll see her suddenly wanting sex, all backed by research and psychology.

Our side:

Extended Alpha project here to make you better, no other interests. with this course - we want to pump your brain with TONS of knowledge, no BS.

Before you start reading, please note - we don't like to be average, We go ALL-IN. We go beyond limits.



We guarantee that your wife will squirt and beg for more, and if not - you will get your money back.

What do you have to lose? nothing. You're going to learn so many things that will put you above 99.99% of the other mens!




If the course does not meet your expectations, you will receive a full refund. simple as that.

Join now and within 10 seconds you will receive the content that will change your sexual life.

Stop chasing, become addictive.


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The English in the course is extremely simple, as we are accessible to people from all over the world.

She won't even know, and she doesn't have to do anything. You don't need to convince her to try new things. Our method works through psychological and physical triggers that every woman has, and she can't resist them.

Even if you have enough sex, our method will make your partner crave you, surprise you sexually, and want intense, non-stop sex. Imagine her desire skyrocketing beyond what you've experienced.

Premature ejaculation is common and often due to infrequent sex, which heightens excitement and leads to quick release. Our course includes highly effective techniques to help control this. Research shows that regular sexual activity improves control and performance. Plus, with our method, you'll have more frequent sex, reducing excessive excitement and helping you last longer. Regular practice will boost your confidence and stamina, ensuring more satisfying and prolonged encounters.

Yes. When your partner wants more sex and has heightened libido, three things will happen to help with ED:

1. More frequent sex increases confidence and reduces anxiety.

2. Enhanced self-esteem due to her increased desire.

3. Her spontaneous sexual advances will create new and exciting experiences, boosting your libido and erection quality.

Actually, research indicates that many women can squirt with the right stimulation. Studies have shown that squirting is the expulsion of fluid from the bladder during orgasm, and all women have the potential to squirt. According to research published in the International Journal of Urology, women can produce different types of fluids during sexual arousal and orgasm, including squirting.

We understand this concern. That's why the CEP method focuses on universal biological triggers embedded in every woman. Even if your wife responds differently to other stimuli, she can't resist these triggers.

She has hidden fantasies you might not know about. Everything is there. Once we activate the CEP method's triggers, her hidden desires will surface.

Other methods may not be research-based or tailored for individual responses. Our method uses universal biological triggers present in every person, ensuring effectiveness.

Our method is designed to be simple and natural. You don't need to learn new positions, just make a few small adjustments that can significantly enhance your sexual experience.

Research shows that for most women, a penis size of around 4.2 inches is sufficient for satisfying penetration and achieving orgasms, including squirting and G-spot stimulation.

Moreover, focusing on technique and emotional connection is far more important for sexual satisfaction.

Our method emphasizes these crucial aspects to ensure intense pleasure, making size less relevant.