How to become a god in bed

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Imagine this:

Imagine your wife with a sexy lingerie, and then - imagine the next situation:

Every day and ALL DAY LONG, your wife can't stop fantasizing about you. She can't stop thinking—and starts thinking dirtier things than you can imagine...

And then - when you come back from work, she surprises you with her sexy lingerie and whispers in your ear - "I've been waiting for you... now FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME."

So, why does this happens?

Because every time that you have sex, you make her shiver from orgasms and make her squirt like a sprinkler - which causes a huge amount of released dopamine. And what happens when the brain receives dopamine? He wants more, and more... got it? She's going to be addicted.

So - how can you do that? That's exactly why we're here.

Let's hack into the female mind and body, together.


first thing - Be Dominate, Alpha. You can't be an alpha if you can't give your wife an Intense, unforgettable orgasms.



Here's what the eBook will teach you - 

knowledge of 12 professionals in 1 eBook:


63 pages that includes:

  • Male pornstars hidden secrets: all the secrets of the big stars - how to make her SCREAM?
  • Gynecologist tips: how to make a woman squirt with the strongest way possible? (Get your umbrella ready, it's going to be wet), How to make her have each type of orgasm?
  • escort tips: womens that had sex with thousands of mens EACH, gives you their top tips based on their experience.
  • Sex artists tips: 50 shades of gray, 365 days, euphoria. all this movies sound familiar? why the actors make all the girls WET? this part will teach you the art of sex & how to be addictive.
  • Psychologists: How to break her barriers, and turn her into a sex addict.
  • Aggressive part: If your goal is to "BREAK HER" and fuck the shit out of her until she cry and can't walk - this part is for you.
  • Get bigger: the only real & natural way to make it bigger (add 0.4-2.5 inches).
  • Secret bonus: you gonna love this. ( We're just saying that there is a way to change the structure of a woman's brain - and that's how you'll control her mind and make her sexually obsessed with you, and you ONLY).


Stats from the squirting part (Ep. 3):

- "98% Of the womens can physically squirt.

- Only 40% of women have ever experienced a squirt (maybe your wife is one of them).

- After a women squirt once, it becomes 7x easier to squirt.

- The average squirt is 170ML."

It's time to reach another level, to become a sex god, so she will tell all her friends how you made her scream last night.

What do you have to lose? nothing. You're going to learn so many things that will put you above 99.99% of the other mens!

Let's do it, together.


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and that's it - learn and enjoy!

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