A master of female orgasms

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Other mens making their wife's legs SHAKING.

what about you?

Have you EVER made your wife squirt? Have you ever made her orgasm so strong, it made her cry?

If not - that's a problem - your wife's friends tell her how their husband makes them squirt like a sprinkler.

And.. Guess what? She knows that squirting exists, she knows that it is possible to squirt and cum so strongly to the point of crying. But she doesn't experience it... what makes you - a low value man.

This 45 pages eBook will teach you:

  • What your wife really want: you didn't know 80% of these things.
  • Levels of orgasms: all the levels and how to reach each one of them.
  • The "shaker & sprinkler" method: the strongest method to make her squirt & shake like never imagined.
  • Live examples and Conversations: Practical learning.
  • Demystify Female Pleasure: Uncover the biological and psychological foundations of orgasms, breaking down complex concepts into accessible insights.
  • Techniques *ALWAYS* That Work: Discover proven techniques and approaches that enhance pleasure, tailored to the diverse experiences of women.
  • Deepen Emotional Connections: Explore how enhancing physical intimacy can lead to stronger, more meaningful emotional bonds.

Stats from the squirting part (Ep. 6):

- "98% Of the womens can physically squirt.

- Only 30% of women have ever experienced a squirt (maybe your wife is one of them).

- After a women squirt once, it becomes 7x easier to squirt.

- The average squirt is 170ML."


Based on:

  • Gynecologists
  • Sex Therapists
  • Adult Film Actresses
  • Sexuality Educators
  • Intimacy Coaches

Imagine a situation:

You and your wife have sex for 10 minutes, then she stops and puts on clothes, And that's your sex.

What would have happened? After 5 times you would get angry, after 15 times - you would be frustrated, after 30 times - you would cheat on her, and after 100 times - you would divorce her.

That's the feeling of 35% of the married womens.


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