6 Style mistakes to avoid

TROUSERS ARE TOO LONG: Unfortunately, it is common for a lot of men to be in-between sizes for trousers bought on the high street. Not wearing the right length though can result in your trousers collecting over your shoelaces or jean hems fraying. Both are unsightly but easy to fix

FORMAL SHIRT IS UNTUCKED: We know, as men there isn't always the occasion or the desire to be dressed to the nines in a suit and shirt. @8stylee At weekends or in the evenings a more relaxed, untucked style might be wanted. In this case, look for a shirt with less formal connotations like an Oxford shirt

OVERLY BRANDED CLOTHING: Hopefully, this is something that you grow out of. When we are younger, branded logos can be a status symbol, a way to show that we have money or taste. As we mature, our tastes refine and we no longer chase the need to impress others. Good shirt example: https://extended-alpha.com/products/muscle-fit-basic-t-shirt

BELT AND SHOE COLOUR DOESN'T MATCH: An easy rule to follow, you should always try to match your belt and shoe colour as closely as possible.

WRINKLED CLOTHES: You need to take the time either the night before or at the weekend to organise your wardrobe and even plan your outfits. That way you will know that all your clothes are laundered and in top condition to be worn.

SHOES ARE DIRTY: The state of a man's shoes says a lot about the person in them. It can present a lack of preparation and ignorance of the finer details. There is no point wearing a great suit only to be let down by dirty or scuffed shoes.
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