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Models 7 skin secrets

Maintain A Good Skin Care Routine: You might find it strange, but still, there are people who only use facewash as a skincare routine, and still complain about getting acne.

Proper Sleep & Rest Is The Key: Sleeping can regenerate your cells, and damaged cells get repaired. You should sleep 8 hrs every night. And stay away from blue light before 1 hr to sleep

Drink Plenty Of Water: Human body is 70%+ is made up of water, and drinking plenty of water makes your skin glow. Well-hydrated skin is clear with barely visible pores, almost no imperfections, and radiant.

Maintain Good Diet: We become what we eat!! Eat more greens and vegetables to improve your digestion and those added nutrients will make your skin glow in a short while

Exercise at least 3 Times A Week: Exercise will increase the amount of oxygen your lungs can hold and also replenish your blood circulation. As blood circulates more freely your face will be brighter.

Have A Proper Hairstyle & Beard: According to a survey 69% of men doesn't know which hairstyle & beardstyle suits on them. Take advantage of this and find yourself a great haircut. Use extended10 code to get 10% off for beard growth kit:

Don't Forget Your Lips & Teeth: You cannot look good with chappy lips or with yellow teeth! Apply a lip balm to keep your lips free from cracks and cuts. For teeth, brush twice a day, floss & use mouth wash.
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