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How to stop being a nice guy

01. DON'T BE A FIT IN GUY STOP: being a fit-in guy. If you don't get what you deserve, step outside and walk away. Sometimes being TOUGH is good for you.

02. NO FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. It's a feeling that lies at the hurt of every nice guy. Don't worry - make another plan, & enjoy your life.

03. DON'T FEEL GUILTY: Don't offer your thousand apologies if you can't able help anyone. It might be you are busy with something else. Try to think about yourself.

04. ZERO EXPECTATIONS: Don't expect niceness in return. The world is cruel and, you deserve to be happy. Stop Judging, stop Expecting.

05. OWN SCHEDULE: Stop following other routines. You don't need to have to available everywhere. Make your Schedule Follow it & Focus on Yourself.
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