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How to reduce belly fat

Eat healthy
: Focus on plant based food such as fruits, vegetables & whole grains. Limit saturated fat found in meat and high fat dairy products.


Keep portion sizes in check: Eat food in small plates, this will help you subconsciously eat less! This same technique used in Buffets.


Try intermittent fasting: You can do 24 hrs fast once or twice a week. Another method is consist of fasting everyday for 16 hrs and eat food in 8 hrs period.


Perform cardio& strength training: Exercise is most effective way to burn fat. Cardio will helps you burn fat and weight training will help you build muscles.          Full body workout for strength: .

Get plenty of restful sleep: According to a study, people who don't get enough sleep tend to gain more weight. So sleep at least 7 hrs per night.

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