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How to dress like CR7

RONALDO'S STYLE: In line with his athletic outlook, Cristiano opts for fits that accentuate his athletic build, but also complements his charismatic personality. The slides following this highlights what makes CR7 style unique: - Slim Fitted Tops -Skinny Fit Trousers - Minimal but bold - Formal Wear

FITTED TOPS: In all of CR7'S appearances, a consistent theme is the adoption of fitted tops. This is for both shirts & t shirts. In the 2 images present below, both the shirts are slim fitting - this is evident by the lack of excess fabric, the reduced excess fabric helps project a streamlined/ athletic aesthetic due to the tapered surface area. But this doesn't mean a super skinny/ tight fit. A big difference exists between a good fitting shirt and a tight shirt. A good fitting shirt allows mobility whilst also helping to preserve a sculpted frame, a tight fitting shirt is extremely uncomfortable and takes away from the overall frame.

example for a perfect fit shirt(muscle fit):

MINIMALISM: Another big feature of CR7's outfits (unless they are sponsored posts by Nike), is the minimalistic approach to his casual wear. Most of his looks are often simple, single coloured pieces as opposed to flashy streetwear pieces. This helps drive elegance, as the shirt 'flows' rather than being covered in brand logos. With Ronaldo's athletic frame, the use of simple t-shirts helps keep the attention on Ronaldo himself as opposed to anything he is wearing

BOLD COLORS: Cristiano does opt for minimal clothing pieces, but to attract attention he often wears bold colours both in tops and bottoms. Although some of the colour combinations below are very contentious, Ronaldo's eagerness to extend his clothing comfort zone is homage to Cristiano's confidence. Trying new and bold colours is a massive style statement, it requires courage but projects big confidence.

SKINNY FIT TROUSERS: A key feature of almost any CR7 outfit is skinny fit trousers. Although these may not be to everyone's liking CR7 manages to pull these off well due to his strong legs musculature which help give the lower half of his body definition and structure. Notably the trousers have the perfect length such that they end at the top of the ankles but also the perfect tapering towards the bottom of the trousers, this helps reduce any excess fabric and add to CR7's athletic frame

FORMAL WEAR: But Ronaldo's best looks (IMO) is in formal attire. Ronaldo wears a range of suit colours, but for formal wear his go to is Navy Blue. Cristiano often explores different type of navy suits from double breasted blazers to tuxedos, again in line with his eagerness to explore different style domains

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