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How to be photogenic

LOOK AWAY FROM THE CAMERA TO SHOW YOUR SIDE PROFILE: Turn your head about 10 to 15 degrees away from the camera your chin and jawline will appear much stronger, and you will have a candid look in the photo

AVOID LOOKING DIRECTLY INTO THE LENS: Candid-style photography can make the subject feel more mysterious and unrevealing. Whether you are facing the camera or looking away slightly, averting your gaze from the camera lens

BE CONFIDENT: Stand as tall as you are able to, and push your chest out slightly with your shoulders back. This makes you appear taller but also stronger in photos, as a prominent chest and correct standing posture can convey a sense of confidence

PICKUP CLOTHES THAT SUITS YOU: Wear clothes that make you feel confident and handsome rather than picking out the trendiest styles

TIDY UP YOUR HAIR AND CLEAN YOUR FACIAL HAIR: It's important to be groomed for photos, Make sure your facial hair is lined up neatly and use an electric razor to shave off the any ragged straggler hairs.

to make your hair look perfect:

USE MIRROR : Test new looks and practice couple of different expressions and poses in the mirror

SMILE GENUINELY FOR CAMERA: If find yourself smiling awkwardly in front of the camera, try mouthing the word "Thursday" rather than "cheese", as it creates a more realistic smiling mouth shape

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