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8 tips to look more smart:

Talk clearly:Good vocabularies are always important for taking part in a conversation but make it concise and clear so that everyone understands you without any additional efforts.


Don’t be loud: The loud voice always hurts the ears and people cannot relate with them on an emotional basis. This is not the approach one should take to create a good image.


Eye contact: Eye contact while speaking is an important skill that shows your honesty and integrity. When you see a person looking elsewhere while talking, the first impression of that person is unfavorable.


Good impression: We are habituated to form impressions both unconsciously and consciously of others after either a small conversation. Creating a good impression is necessary if you want to y appear smart.


Believe in yourself : Self-belief is a very important tool to have as it gives the necessary confidence to step forward. Believe in yourself and you will appear smart to others.


Dress for success: Appearance matter a great deal in both personal and professional space. Give some personal time to yourself to know what suits your personality. 10% off code to extended alpha: extended10 https://bit.ly/3DA7jH8


Smile authentic: A genuine smile goes a long way in creating a favorable impression upon others and makes you appear smart.


Listen them: When there is only one speaker it creates awkwardness and false impressions. Better let the other person speak so that you can listen to his thought-process and understand about actual happenings.

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