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8 tips to look like a model

CHEWING GUM: This is what models too all the time.. They have a chewing gum in their mouth whenever you see them... almost .... because according to them it helps to give more definition to their Already sexy jaw.

BEAUTY SPRAY: All you need is to Purchase Packets of Vitamin C and mix it with water and add this mixture in a Spray Bottle. Now every night before bed you wanna spray this mixture on your face and leave it off overnight. 10% off code for Vitamin C- extended10: https://extended-alpha.com/products/vitamin-c-serum-for-face

DRY CLEANSING: It is a very effective technique in which you grab your cleanser and apply it on to your face.. its just your face and cleanser. Keep rubbing it on your face for 2-3 minutes and afterward, wash your face. 14.99$ cleanserhttps://extended-alpha.com/products/face-cleanser-moisturizing-anti-acne-50g

TINTED MOISTURE: What it does is that it hides any of the Blemishes that are on your Face, Just like that blemish Filter in your favorite Editing App. Boy, you will never need any editing App again to Hide your Acne.

CUT THE SALT: Super Easy! because Salt has sodium which alters the structure of your face. Less Sodium means you will have a more defined jaw, which means your Jawline is gonna be more prominent.

TAPERED CLOTHING: The Clothing essentials and the basic code of dressing are enough to make anybody look dapper But you got to make sure that your Pants are altered properly according to your Proportions.

AESTHETIC PHYSIQUE: It's all about dedication and discipline. To be very honest, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve if you have enough discipline and Motivation build-up for that particular thing that you want to achieve.

HAIR STREAKS: Get some brown or Blonde streaks over your hair and mix it properly and then style your hair.yeah! "Super sharp" thats what you are gonna hear from people about your Hair.
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