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7 habits that will transform you in 30 days

01. SLEEP 7+ HOURS A DAY: Sleep is most important for your body. get plenty of sleep at least 7 Hours

02. DRINK ATLEAST 3L OF WATER A DAY:It's Important That You Keep Your Body Hydrated All The Time.

03. GET ATLEAST 10 MINS OF SUNLIGHT: Best Time Is From 7am To 9am.

04. SAY NO TO SUGAR & JUNK FOOD: Don't Eat/Drink Things Which Contain Sugar For 30 Days Straight.

05. WORKOUT 3 TIMES A WEEK: Keep Your Body In Shape By Working Out 3x A Week.

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06. READ FOR 30 MINUTES A DAY: Read Books Daily For 30 Mins A Day. It'll Improve Your Knowledge And Expand Your ideas.

07. MEDITATE FOR 10 MINS DAILY: You'll Have To Take Care Of Your Mind Also. Meditate For 10 Mins In A Quiet Place Daily.

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