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6 tips to men who wants to look sharp

Dress mature: Stop dressing like a young teen. Start dressing mature. Give up on the graphic tees for more mature look. Instead go for stripes, plain or minimalist design. example: https://bit.ly/3DsC6W4

Chinos: Jeans isn't the only option. The best alternative is a chino. Don't hesitate to buy couple of chino's for you if you don't have any. Really looks sexy

Your wrist: Naked wrist is boring. You can wear watch according to the outfit or you can go for bracelets. You can wear both as well. Wear on different wrists. example: https://bit.ly/3JUUSrV

Rock jeans: Please stop wearing loose jeans. That's a big turn off. Try finding the best fitting jeans for you. Its length should be proper and fitting should be good. Get it tailored if the size isn't right. example: https://bit.ly/3qQcGNg

Footwear: Quality footwear, why? Because ladies, they notice. Your footwear should be of high quality. HQ doesn't mean super ex pensive, remember that. Don't go for too bright colors

Layering: Layering looks super sexy. Try layering with black, white, grey, dark blue, etc. Don't try layering during hot summer season. Try going for a chill look instead. example: https://bit.ly/3qMhmUs
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