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6 tips to look sexy

01. STAND UP STRAIGHT: Don't look dull, Good posture have self-respect and confident. Poor posture can also indicate a lack of self-esteem.

02. SKINCARE: Your face is one of the first things anyone sees. I know we all have certain problems when it comes to our skin, but following a proper skincare routine makes you look better day by day. 
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03. SUNGLASSES: It add a stylish and mysterious touch to your overall appearance, it also helps to save your eyes from UAV rays.

04. HYGIENE: Make sure your teeth/tongue are clean, have no bad breath, and the nail will trim, etc.

05. WEAR A WATCH: It adds more detail and also shows you are disciplined. Stick to simple and subtle designs. 10% for all the watches collection- extended10: https://extended-alpha.com/collections/watches

06. FITTING CLOTHING: Don't wear too big or small clothes Ensuring your clothing fits your body type will make you look like a million bucks
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