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6 things men wear that women love

Right fit suit: Suits aren't the most commonly worn outfits for first dates but the ladies love them every now and then. They appreciate the effort.

Fitted jeans: Jeans are timeless clothing items. Any guy regardless of age or body type needs a good pair of jeans in his closet. Go for slim or regular fit, avoid baggy jeans. Example(10% off code: extended10): https://extended-alpha.com/products/skinny-jeans

Sweater: Cashmere sweater. It is a light-weight kind of wool that offers great insulation. It adds a lot of softness to your style and women love to touch it.

Light pink: Pink has an appeal that goes beyond these socially constructed views on masculinity. There's a lot of confidence it takes for a guy to wear pink. Women like that kind of boldness.

Fragnance: A nice scent is often the #1 factor for women in choosing a potential partner. You may have to try a number of samples before you find one that truly works.

Nice watch: Women like men who pay attention to details. So if you have an effortless timepiece on your wrist - it catches their eyes. Watches say a lot about a man's personal style. 10% off for all the watch collection code - extended10: https://extended-alpha.com/collections/watches
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