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5 tips to style your hair

Wash and Dry: Your hair should be well washed. Dry them gently with your towel. Don't rub as they're fragile when they are wet.

Oil: Apply some argan oil to nourish and give your hair some shinier look and it will also protect your hair from the heat. You can opt for almond or coconut oil as well.

Hair Dryer: Your hair should be damp. Comb your hair in the direction you want them to be while applying the dryer. You can also do it naturally by giving some time and comb it as you want.

Wax or Gel: Now you have done with your hairstyle but you want to hold it for longer. So you can apply some good brand wax or gel to your hair. Professional wax gel: https://extended-alpha.com/products/long-lasting-natural-look-hair-wax-100g

Texture- Pomade formation: Apply hair dryer following the opposite to the hairstyle you want. Give a final touch to your hair with your fingers to give a proper look as you want.
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