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5 most attractive shirt colors

Light blue: Don't like darker colors? This one is for you. If you don't like darker colors, try light blue which looks really good and attractive if paired correctly.

Navy blue: What do you think about navy blue? Let us know in comments. Navy blue shirt can be paired with many colors but it looks really good when paired with light / dark grey.

Red / Maroon: Red is first in the list of most attractive colors for lys. Red can be paired with dark colors as well as light color like black, grey, brown, beige, blue, etc.

Dark purple: Surprised to see purple? Purple or preferably dark purple. Try purple only if you can pair it well and pull off correctly.

Black: Black looks equally attractive as compared to red acc. to many studies. The best thing with black is that it's very easy to pair with other colors and suitable with most skin color.

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