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21 traits of an attractive personality:


1. Thoughtful and warm affection.

2. Self-awareness and self reflection with proper actions.

3. Strong listening understanding and listening skills

4. A funny sense of humor.

5. Responsibility for own decisions and actions

6. Being a supporting character

7. Saying thank you when someone helps you.

8. Take immense pleasure in simple things.

9. Connect with people deeply and keep promises

10. Treat friendship and relationships as priorities.

11. Nourish yourself with excellent food.

12. Know your worth to accept what you deserves

13. Forgive people for their mistakes and limit their access to your life.

14. Taking care of your health with proper food, exercise and managing your expenses well.

15. Giving surprises to the people you care about from time to time

16. Doing something nice for a stranger you meet; that might make their day.

17. Staying calm when someone yells at you; hear them out first.

18. Learning from people who are smarter and not letting your ego interference

19. Being loyal and trustworthy in any relationship.

20. Taking care of your parents, family, and loved ones.

21. Always fulfill your promises

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